Glass roof
Areas of use of glass roofs

• Civil construction or shopping centres

• Skylight roofs for houses terraces warehouses and industrial halls

• Coverings for swimming pools, sports halls or stadiums

• Roofs for public markets

• House roofing and gazebos 

• Restaurant coverings, terraces

• Gallery coverings, greenhouses, miniseries

A glass roof is certainly a special building element. For the successful completion of such a work, it is necessary to consider a number of technical aspects.

In the following, we present the main aspects to keep in mind when building glass roofs, hoping that the information will be useful to you before starting such a project.

A glass roof is one of the most effective ways to naturally light a room. To a certain extent, they can be considered as a direct connection between inside and outside, giving the beneficiaries an absolutely gorgeous view of the sky.


As the demand for glass roofs is constantly growing, manufacturers are constantly investing in the development of this technology. So you can choose from several types of materials for the construction of a glass roof. Here are the main solutions:

• Retractable glass roof: A retractable glass roof is the ideal solution when you want both access to the 'starry' view and the fresh air outside. This type of roof is designed so that it can be opened or closed, depending on the season or the user's preference;

• Tempered glass roof: As we said, tempered glass is often the most common solution for the construction of these roofs. It has several qualities, including increased impact resistance, flexibility and UV blocking. It is also used for curtain walls

• Double glazing: Unlike toughened glass, double glazing has a layer of air between the two panes of glass. Thus, this type of roof enjoys very good insulating properties, eliminating the greenhouse effect generally created by glazing;

• Other types: Basically, the options are limited only by the types of glass on the market. So a glass roof can be made of single glazing, double glazing, obscure glass, tinted glass, etc.

Without a doubt, not many developers choose glass roofs. Such a choice will certainly make your roof unique and turn heads. Apart from the unique and different look, some of the most noteworthy advantages include:

• Daylighting: It's no surprise to anyone that glass will increase the amount of natural light you get inside your building. This will better highlight the interior design and can reduce the expense of artificial lighting. In addition, you should know that natural light has been shown to increase your wellbeing levels;

• Thermal performance: Glass does not necessarily generate heat. The glass used in roofing is specially designed and treated to prevent temperature transfer between inside and outside. But even so, in order not to create a greenhouse effect, ventilation systems are recommended;

• Sealing: If the building is located in an area exposed to rain, a glass roof is the perfect solution. It is perfectly watertight and will not allow water to seep inside, thus protecting the entire building.

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