Pyramidal luminaire
Areas of use of skylights

 Canopies and domes of any size or shape for

 Civil construction or shopping centres

 Skylight roofs for houses terraces warehouses and industrial halls

 Coverings for swimming pools, sports halls or stadiums

• Luminaires for public squares

• House roofing and gazebos

• Restaurant coverings, terraces

• Gallery coverings, greenhouses, miniseries

• Solar panels

• Interior partitions and false ceilings

Glass skylights or domes add extra natural light to homes and buildings, with the advantage of saving electricity and eliminating the greenhouse effect if solar-controlled glass is chosen. Skylights are the optimal daylighting solution. 

Placed on the roof, they allow up to 5 times more light to enter the building than vertical windows. In addition to saving energy for lighting, they can allow ventilation and smoke evacuation. Adequately sized glass skylights allow daylight to penetrate freely even inside large enclosed structures. 

A glass skylight dome provides a better quality of life even in confined environments. Complex glass constructions are particularly applicable in the architectural field. The shapes of skylights can be varied and very spectacular, improving the architectural appearance of buildings as well as their functionality.

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