Glass systems

Parkable toughened glass enclosures are the best solution for balconies, terraces and commercial spaces. Get more space using our frameless window system for terraces, verandas, penthouses, villas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, office etc. Include and/or share any area with everything.

Rollite's balcony and patio closure system is designed so that, by sliding, the glass panels slide in one direction, or both, like an accordion. The balcony glass panel system is based on an easy sliding process involving simple movements.

 Sash-type sash closers allow a large window to be raised or lowered, either downwards to become a balustrade or upwards to become an access way. The guillotine window offers an ingenious system, vertical sliding, which is rapidly gaining ground thanks to its versatility and novelty, especially in the hospitality sector.

As the demand for glass roofs is constantly growing, manufacturers are constantly investing in the development of this technology. So you can choose from several types of materials for the construction of a glass roof. Here are the main solutions:

Placed on the roof, they allow up to 5 times more light to enter the building than vertical windows. In addition to saving energy for lighting, they can allow ventilation and smoke evacuation.  

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