Guillotine glass
Guillotine glass

Sash-type sash closers allow a large window to be raised or lowered, either downwards to become a balustrade or upwards to become an access way. The guillotine window offers an ingenious system, vertical sliding, which is rapidly gaining ground thanks to its versatility and novelty, especially in the hospitality sector. The window operating system is motorized, and glass widths up to 32mm give high performance thermal insulation.

Sistem automatic

Automated guillotine-type closing systems allow you to close or fully open your patio walls. These are modular systems, specially designed to meet all design and space requirements. These systems use toughened glass in accordance with European quality and safety standards, and the profiles used use extruded aluminium to ensure durability over time.

 These sliding guillotine systems are ideal for residential partitions, shop windows, café terraces and restaurants.

• Outdoor spaces will be more practical with this technology - perfectly automated guillotine system will allow efficient use of living spaces

• Fully automated system is easy to use

• Allows panoramic views due to large dimensions

• Serves as a handrail

 Safety is a major consideration. The glass panels are heavy, so the company uses a special screw system that makes up for the hindrance caused by the use of cables, belts or gears with chains and counterweights.

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