Sticla glisanta pliabila
Sticla glisanta pliabila

Rollite's balcony and patio closure system is designed so that, by sliding, the glass panels slide in one direction, or both, like an accordion. The balcony glass panel system is based on an easy sliding process involving simple movements.

Another advantage of sliding glass balcony closure systems is the ease with which windows can be washed, i.e. from inside the balcony on both sides.

The sliding glass balcony enclosure is a modern solution as it does not have vertical profiles (hinge). The system is ideal for residential complexes or villa-type buildings where closing the balcony with PVC would alter the overall appearance of the building. The glass sheets are independent and slide completely.

If you need a sturdy and easy to handle and maintain system for your balcony, contact us For any sliding glass balcony enclosure system.

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